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The Town of Sylvan Lake provides fresh, clean water to our utility customers at a suitable and constant pressure.  Our water is drawn from underground sources and then chlorinated before distribution to our customers.  No other purification or chemical additives are required.

The waste-water is collected, treated with air, stored and then released into Cygnet Lake once in the Spring and once in the Fall.  The entire process takes up to five months.

Please contact the Public Works department at 403-887-2800 with your questions or concerns regarding the supply of water or the collection of waste-water, including after hour emergencies.  

Water Utility Disconnect Waiver can be found here

A water quality analysis report can be found here

For Sewer backup information, please click here

For utility rate inquiries or billing information please click here

Water Conservation

Mandatory Water Conservation is in effect from May 1 to September 30 annually.

The Town works on an ODD/EVEN system.  Customers may water their lawns, gardens, or grounds on these days.  If your building address is an ODD number, watering is permitted on ODD numbered calendar days. If your building address is an EVEN number, watering is permitted on EVEN numbered calendar days.

If you have a newly sodded or seeded lawn you may water daily for a period not to exceed six weeks.

The watering of lawns, gardens, yards or grounds including new sod and seed between the hours of 12:00 p.m. (Noon) and 7:00 p.m. is strictly prohibited on any day.

Annual Hydrant Flushing

The Public Works Department annually flow tests fire hydrants throughout the spring and early summer to ensure proper operation. You may experience a slight discoloration of your water caused by mineral iron. Simply run a cold water tap for 5-10 minutes to clear. 

Toilet Rebate Program

toilet-rebate-programIn an effort to conserve water the Town of Sylvan Lake offers a toilet rebate program to individuals wanting to replace their high flow toilets with dual flush, low flow toilets.

Those residents or businesses that change their high volume flush toilet (13 litres or more) MUST install a dual flush toilet (5 litre average flush) to qualify for a utility rebate.

All new construction, or renovations to water fixtures requiring a permit, MUST install low water use fixtures as per bylaw.

For more information you can review the policy below or contact 403 887 2141.

Toilet Rebate Application Form

Toilet Rebate Policy


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