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Our NexSource Centre is opening soon

*Updated February 24, 2017. Next week our facility staff will have access to the NexSource Centre and start filling swimming pools, testing systems, and building ice! We'll try and take some photos and video for you.


We're seriously serious- the NexSource Centre is scheduled to open at the end of March!

Once construction of the facility is completed, Town staff will allow themselves a few weeks to groom the facility, move in, train, and get prepared to welcome Sylvan Lakers into their new multi- recreation facility. 

We know residents have a lot of questions, and are really excited to get into the facility, but we also know that with a new facility, comes new rates, program schedules, and even a few new operating challenges. We’re going to do our best to communicate these changes, and prepare visitors of the NexSource Centre, as best we can. 

The Town of Sylvan Lake is planning weekly updates, available here at, and on Facebook @TownofSylvanLake. 

A special grand opening event is scheduled in May, with more details to follow.


Swimming Lessons

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Recreation and Culture Program Needs Assessment 2016

What types of recreation, arts and culture programs are important to you? Help the Sylvan Lake Recreation & Culture Department identify opportunities to better serve our residents...

The Town of Sylvan Lake is conducting a survey to help identify opportunities to better serve the community in recreation, arts & culture programming. With the NexSource Centre opening in 2017, community input is valuable in determining programming opportunities.

Take our survey here.


Culture Master Plan- Community Survey

The Town of Sylvan Lake is developing a Cultural Master Plan that will identify and leverage the rich cultural resources of the community to support planning and economic development, and to increase awareness of these resources for both residents and tourists. Cultural resources include things like arts and heritage organizations, cultural industries, cultural and natural heritage, as well as stories and traditions that make Sylvan Lake unique. The Cultural Master Plan will provide a targeted strategy and implementation plan to capitalize on these assets and improve quality of life in the community.

We want community feedback! What cultural resources are important to you, what are our opportunities and strenghts ?

Take our Survey and help us form our first ever, Cultural Master Plan!

For more information about our Cultural Master Plan, and development process, visit our projects page here.


Visitor Pay Parking

Over the last few summers, Council has received an increase of concerns regarding the upkeep and maintenance of the downtown and lakeshore. 

Parking in Centennial Park, and the downtown is often at capacity throughout the summer months. 

A Visitor Pay Parking Program will generate revenue from visitors to put towards upkeep, maintenance, and enforcement of bylaws, as required. 

Current plans and studies referenced in the Visitor Pay Parking Program include: 

Transportation Master Plan 
Business Visitation Report 
Wayfinding Signage Project (Visitor Friendly Program)


Animal Control Bylaw

Council has passed a new Animal Control Bylaw.

The Animal Control Bylaw is a complete re-write from the existing Dog Bylaw and Cat Bylaw and is too extensive to list all the changes. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Expanded definition & restrictions on animals beyond cats & dogs.
  • Expanded/added clarification on bylaw to allow for increased probability of enforcement
  • Added section on Restricted Animals & Vicious Animals
  • Added section on Nuisance Animals
  • Added section on Off Leash Dog Areas
  • Added section on Animals in Vehicles
  • Added section on Communicable Disease Control
  • Added section on Control & Regulation of Exotic and Wild Animals
  • Added section on "One Free Ride Home" initiative
  • Updated Fee Schedule

Animal Control Bylaw, Attached HERE.


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