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Breathe Easy

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Reduce unnecessary idling, and encourage friends, family, and coworkers to do the same!

Concerning Announcement From Alberta Environment

Results of the Canadian Ambient Air Quality Standards report released today indicate the Red Deer region has exceeded national standards and four other regions are approaching limits. Read more from the September 9, 2015 Media Release HERE.


Just How Often Does the Average Sylvan Lake Resident Idle Their Vehicle?

The average length of time a resident of Sylvan Lake idles their vehicle is 8 minutes. That means 8 minutes idling to pick someone up; 8 minutes idling while running into a shop; 8 minutes idling to warm up or cool down a vehicle. 

In a recent survey of Sylvan Lake residents, 67% of respondents indicated that a major concern with regards to idling vehicles, was “pollution/poor air quality”. While 53% of respondents indicated a concern with the effects of idling on the environment, only 48% of repondents were concerned with their own health and well-being. 

The Town of Sylvan Lake, and the Parkland Airshed Management Zone (PAMZ), wants to change this. We want 100% of our population to understand the potential health risks associated with vehicle idling. We want Sylvan Lake idle-free. 

Stay tuned as we work to finalize this exciting new initiative! Health Canada has a lot more to say on the subject. We encourage you to do your own research.


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The Sylvan Lake Breathe Easy, Idle- Free Movement is a partnership between the Town of Sylvan Lake and the Parkland Airshed Management Zone.
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