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Area Plans

Area Structure Plans

An area structure plan is a long range planning document that outlines how growth and development will take place over a large area of Town, typically several quarter sections in size. These plans contain policies that guide future development, ensuring that it occurs in an orderly and efficient manner. They identify major land uses, roadways, infrastructure, and parks and trail systems for the specified area. Area structure plans are prepared by the Town and are approved by Council as a bylaw, making them statutory planning documents.

Area Structure Plan Requirements

Area Structure Plan Approval Process

North East Area Structure Plan
South Area Structure Plan
pdfWest Area Structure Plan


Area Redevelopment Plans

There are two Area Redevelopment Plans adopted within the Town of Sylvan Lake, the Waterfront Area Redevelopment Plan and the 50th Street Area Redevelopment Plan. Area Redevelopment Plans guide how development will take place within an existing neighbourhood inTown.

Waterfront Area Redevelopment Plan

The Waterfront Area Redevelopment Plan guides the growth and development of the downtown and waterfront areas in an orderly, efficient, and beneficial manner. The plan ensures that development makes the best use of a limited land base and protects the integrity of the lake as a natural resource.

Waterfront Area Redevelopment Plan 36.74 MB

Properties located in the Waterfront Direct Control District are subject to following the guidelines set out in the Waterfront Urban Design Guidelines.

Waterfront Urban Design Guidelines

50th Street Area Redevelopment Plan

The purpose of the 50th Street Area Redevelopment Plan is to encourage the development of 50th Street into a vibrant, pedestrian friendly environment for residents and visitors, which is supported by new streetoriented commercial opportunities, increased residential densities and improved streetscape conditions.

50th Street Area Redevelopment Plan36.23 MB

Property located within the 50th Street Area Redevelopment Plan are subject to following the 50th Street Urban Design Guidelines.

50th Street Urban Design Guidelines



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