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Drinking Establishment

The Council for the Town of Sylvan Lake deems it advisable to enact a Bylaw to provide for the licensing and regulation of drinking establishments so as to minimize their adverse impacts upon the community and so as to protect public safety.

View the Drinking Establishment Bylaw 1429/2007

What is a Drinking Establishment?

A Drinking Establishment is a business where the primary purpose of which is the sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises in which the business is located. This also includes any premises where a Class A Liquor License has been issued by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission where the terms of the license prohibit minors.

Drinking Establishment Fees

All Drinking Establishments require a Business License and a Drinking Establishment License.  The fee for a Business License is $150.00 per calendar year.  The fee for a Drinking Establishment License is based on the occupancy load as outlined in the table below.  The Drinking Establishment License is valid for 12 months from date of issuance unless sooner suspended or revoked.

Occupancy Load


1 – 99


100 – 199


200 +


Commercial Business License Application

Drinking Establishment License Application


Mandatory Requirements of a Drinking Establishment

  • Adhere to the provisions of all bylaws, enactments and regulations which apply to the Drinking Establishment.
  • Maintain in place a plan with provisions for first aid of the patrons of the establishment.
  • Maintain in place a plan with provisions for outside inspection and clean up in the vicinity of the Drinking Establishment during and after the hours of operation.
  • Display the Drinking Establishment License in a prominent location on the premises.
  • Require its management and staff when required to assist the RCMP, License Inspector or Bylaw Enforcement Officer with an inspection of the premises.

Additional Conditions of a Drinking Establishment License

When events have occurred in connection with the operation of a Drinking Establishment that put at risk the safety, health, welfare or property of members of the public or of the patrons or employees of the Drinking Establishment specific conditions which are intended to deal with that risk can be attached to the license.

Some of the conditions that can be required are:

  • Number and qualification of security personnel
  • Noise abatement measures
  • Video camera surveillance
  • Metal detecting equipment

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